VPS Plan Perfect For You!

Pricing Plan from 20 March 2017 (New)

  • SSD-49 NEW

  • €49 /per month

  1. CPU: 2 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 2GB
  3. SSD: 80GB SSD
  4. Traffic: 2TB Transfer
  5. 24/7 Support
  • SSD-99 NEW

  • €99 /per month

  1. CPU: 4 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 4GB
  3. SSD: 200GB SSD
  4. Traffic: 3TB Transfer
  5. 24/7 Support
  • SSD-199 OLD

  • €199 /per month

  1. CPU: 6 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 8GB
  3. SSD: 500GB SSD
  4. Traffic: 7TB Transfer
  5. 24/7 Support
  • SSD- 299 NEW

  • €299 /per month

  1. CPU: 8 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 16GB
  3. SSD: 1TB SSD
  4. Traffic: 12TB Transfer
  5. 24/7 Support

Old Pricing Plan (Old)

  • SSD-160 OLD

  • €160 /per month

  1. CPU: 8 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 16GB
  3. SSD: 160GB SSD
  4. Traffic: 6TB Transfer
  5. Connection Port: 100 Mb/s
  6. 24/7 Support
  • SSD-320 OLD

  • €320 /per month

  1. CPU: 12 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 32GB
  3. SSD: 320GB SSD
  4. Traffic: 7TB Transfer
  5. Connection Port: 100 Mb/s
  6. 24/7 Support
  • SSD-480 OLD

  • €480 /per month

  1. CPU: 16 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 48GB
  3. SSD: 480GB SSD
  4. Traffic: 30TB Transfer
  5. Connection Port: 1 Gb/s
  6. 24/7 Support
  • SSD-640 OLD

  • €640 /per month

  1. CPU: 20 Core Processor
  2. RAM: 64GB
  3. SSD: 640GB SSD
  4. Traffic: 50TB Transfer
  5. Connection Port: 1 Gb/s
  6. 24/7 Support

With our VDS/VPS we guarantee:

  • Technical support included in the price for basic VDS Xen

    Leasing our server, you will have the guaranteed technical support for your projects. They will be under constant monitoring of our administrators (Ping-monitoring, monitoring of all services, system load). Our professional staff will set up the VDS server to answer all you needs, install all the necessary applications as you request. In this case, the transfer of data from another hosting provider is one of our duties.

  • Xen visualization technology

    When ordering a VDS/VPS with us, You get all the declared server  performance capabilities reliably. Xen technology allows the distribution of resources of the physical server independently between users in such a way that even if your VDS/VPS “neighbour” loads his system up to 100%, You receive guaranteed performance capabilities of your VDS which are no more and no less than the one’s declared, and You will have no deteriorations in the system output.

  • Premium channels by Cogent Communications

    On our server, you get premium channels by Tier 1 operator’s with an impeccable reputation and status: Cogent Communications and HE. This configuration in conjunction with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), provides a redundancy of information flow and provides a quick, uninterruptible traffic at any time.

  • Automatic local MySQL backups

    In case of damage or destruction of the DB it is possible to restore your data via our customer support.


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